Sometimes I feel like I am super redundant with everything I talk about when it comes to instagram but certain fundemental things just don’t change. It’s like building a house. No matter how fancy you want to make it, it has to have a great foundation and infrastructure. Same thing goes for creating content; If you want really cool people that think your content is really interesting, guess what? That’s right! You have to be a really cool, knowledgeable and savvy person in your profession that has something interesting to share!
As I wrote this last sentence, I immediately thought about the counter argument. “Well, I’m not super talented at what I do, yet. I also don’t know a whole lot yet either.

To that I say, PERFECT!

The next best thing that people love is a STORY! aka a JOURNEY! Taking it an even deeper level, people love realness and authenticity. Take people through your process and journey to becoming a master! Don’t let your infancy-stage aka your starting point paralyze you from creating and sharing content. Show people your wins, losses, new findings, challenges and experience you go through whilst pursuing that which you are passionate to learn/become.

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