How do you become an influencer? I encourage you to digress with this question and ask yourself, what are you most competent in and what do you really love? Somewhere in the middle of those 2 questions lies what you should be creating and sharing on your instagram page. Using a service like GramSurge will help build your page up with real people who care about your content. The reality is, stronger numbers reflect influence. However, it’s important that your followers are of a specific demographic/niche. Also, having a good idea of where they are located will give you an understanding of what and when to post.

When you have done all of this, you can then look at approaching different companies that have producers/services that align with your brand. If you are a fitness brand in Mexico with a Mexican following, you might not want to approach a jogging suit company that doesn’t deliver to your audience’s home base country.

If you’re party animal who’s into the nightlife scene, you may not want to be asking to do reviews and posts for holistic/wellness companies.

Be realistic but also be optimistic. This is a numbers game as well. Send out an abundant of consistent messages to brands you want to work with. In business trainings I always heard “talk to 10 to get 2”. Meaning, DM 10 companies in hopes of getting 2 responses out of the lot.

Social media is a long game. Take your time, find your pace and focus on bringing a lot of value to your audience so your retention and rapport stays high with them!

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